HieroEducation provides online courses in Egyptology. These courses are designed and delivered by expert Egyptologists, and are accessible to you at a time and place that suits you. 

Our courses are delivered via online interactive classes and video lectures - click here to see what the courses look like. Each short lecture will take you through a different topic, and is supported by downloadable resources for you to keep. There are also regular fun quizzes which let you practise what you've learned and keep track of your progress. The Course Forum lets you keep in touch with classmates and discuss your studies. At the end of your course, you're invited to take the final assessment, which lets you demonstrate your knowledge. 

Our language courses also include access to an online, searchable Sign List and Dictionary, so that you can study anywhere, anytime - no books required!

At HieroEducation, our ethos is that the world of Ancient Egypt should be open to all, and we believe in delivering expert teaching in a fun, informative and relaxed style. Come and join us, and start exploring today!

Image courtesy of Jon bodsworth at Egypt Archive

Image courtesy of Jon bodsworth at Egypt Archive


Our Tutors

All of our tutors at HieroEducation are highly qualified, and experts in their respective specialities, with previous teaching experience and the vision to make your online learning as exciting as possible. 

Tutor Picture Jo Kyffin

Dr Joanna Kyffin

Jo trained at the University of Liverpool, completing her PhD there in 2009 with her thesis on New Kingdom magical texts, and their rhetorical and scribal significance. Since then she has completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Copenhagen, and worked for the Egypt Exploration Society from 2012-6. She has taught Egyptian language classes since 2005, and is a self-confessed Grammar Geek, who loves Second Tenses, rhetorical uses of language and wordplay. 


Our Team

Angus Young

Team picture Angus Young

Gus is our FRILO (Finance, Risk, Information and Legal Officer). It's his job to make sure that all the things that happen in the background stay in the background and let your courses take centre stage. Gus read Ancient & Modern History at Oxford, flirted briefly with accountancy, then spent ten years as an investment banker specialising in mid-cap retail and technology companies. His ambition is to hire an assistant so he can call himself Chief Finance, Risk, Information and Legal Officer.