Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs - Evening


Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs - Evening

200.00 240.00

An introductory level course, suitable for beginners, and returners to the study of the Egyptian Language. 

Course Start Date: Thursday 17th September
Live Classes: Tuesday evenings, 7.30pm

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This course will take you from the very basics of reading Egyptian hieroglyphs through the fascinating world of the Offering Formula, reading cartouches, all the way to reading monumental texts! 

Interact with other students on your course, join in with the weekly Live Class, take fun short quizzes to test your knowledge, and unlock the pyramid by collecting badges. 

Each week you'll be given access to new video lectures, quizzes, resources and flashcards, all delivered in our online classroom. You'll have access to our online Sign List and Dictionary throughout the course, meaning that all the materials you'll need will be provided online. 

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