Our courses are based around live, interactive classes, and video lectures, as well as quizzes, games, resources and more.

Want to see more? The videos below include a tour of the HieroEducation Classroom, a free taster of one of our video lectures, and a demonstration of one of our many online resources. 

How do I study?

Our courses are delivered using an online learning platform called Moodle. This allows you to watch lectures, download resources, take quizzes, interact with classmates and more - at your own pace. It also gives you access to our Live Classroom when your class is in session, and recordings of those classes to watch again later. 

One week before the teaching begins, we'll give you access to our classroom site (the Moodle), allowing you to view introductory materials that will show you how to use the site and get the most out of your course. 

After that, we'll release new materials each week of the course, and we'll keep your access to the classroom site open for a couple of weeks after teaching finishes to allow time for you to complete the materials. 

When can I study?

Our courses consist of eight to ten weeks of teaching materials, released weekly. 

There are no set times for lectures, and no complicated timetables. Simply log in, and start learning at your own pace. You can watch lectures as many times as you like during the course, access resources and take quizzes at any time after they are released. 

The only fixed commitments are the weekly Live Classes, when you interact live with your Course Tutor. If you can't make a Live Class, or you're running late - don't panic! You can submit your questions in advance and watch a playback of any classes that you miss. 

Where can I study?

With HieroEducation, you can study anywhere - as long as you have an internet connection. Our courses are entirely online, so that it doesn't matter if you're on the sofa, in the library, or on holiday - your course will be there when you're ready to learn. 

For our Live Classes, you'll need an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer, so you'll need to be at your laptop or desktop computer, rather than working from a tablet. 

Who can study?

HieroEducation courses are suitable for everyone. Learning online means that you don't even have to leave the house to enjoy expert tuition, and interact with your tutor and classmates. We offer Introductory level courses in every topic, and for those who want to go on and learn more, there are Intermediate and Further level courses on offer too. 

What do I need?

All our courses are fully online, so you're going to need an internet connection. We recommend a broadband connection with a minimum download speed of 1.0 Mbits per second, and an upload speed of 0.5 Mbits per second. Need to check your broadband speed? You may wish to use speedtest.net or a similar speed checking site. 

You'll need an internet browser - our courses run best on the most recent versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. We can't guarantee that Internet Explorer will deliver our courses in the manner we intended (IE9 and above should work, but users may need to switch to Compatibility Mode and disable hardware acceleration - see our FAQs for how to do this). 

You'll also need an up-to-date computer (laptop or desktop) to access our Live Classes, as these require Adobe Flash Player. Please remember to always keep your security updated, with the latest security updates installed!

If you own a tablet computer, and it's reasonably modern, you should be able to use it for much of the course, however it won't allow you to join in with the Live Classes, and your playback of the Live Classes will exclude the chat window, so you won't really get the full experience. You might also find that submitting longer written answers is more frustrating on a tablet. 

We don't support access via Smart Phones - while you may be able to log in, many aspects of your experience will be less than satisfactory using a Smart Phone.