Learn about Ancient Egypt, from real experts.

At HieroEducation, we're passionate about teaching, and passionate about the Ancient World. We've taught lecture series and classes on ancient Egypt for years, and wanted to bring that knowledge to a wider audience. So, that's what we did! Watch the video to your right to find out more about how you can learn to read hieroglyphs (also called 'Middle Egyptian'), and learn more about the fascinating culture that was ancient Egypt.

HieroEducation offers courses that will let you explore the language, history, civilisation and culture of ancient Egypt, entirely online. All you need is an internet connection, an up-to-date computer, and a fascination with ancient Egypt. 

You can study whenever, and wherever you like, join other students from around the UK to discuss your classes, take quizzes to enhance your learning, participate in a weekly Live Class, and learn from expert tutors. 

Everything you need for your course will be provided online, allowing you to take your studies with you wherever you go. 

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